Fechas importantes

XVIII Curso Panamericano

Dr. Cristian Luco
Presidente de la Asociación Panamericana de Oftalmología

Estimados Amigos:Con gran placer quiero invitarlos a participar
en este primer Curso Regional Panamericano
de la Asociación Panamericana de Oftalmo-
logía(PAAO) que se efectuará en Portugal
este 2011.
La PAAO es la unión de todas las sociedades
nacionales desde Canadá a Tierra del Fuego,
incluyendo a Portugal y España como nues-
trasraíces en Europa.

Los grandes Congresos Panamericanos son
bienales en años impares y en los años pares
hacemos Cursos Regionales.

Congreso 2011 header
Pan-American Congress Awards for Scientific Papers

Dear Colleagues:

Abstracts of scientific papers submitted will be published in a supplement of Revista Medicina, the most widely distributed indexed publication of Argentina.

The Pan-American Congress will award prizes for the best oral and poster presentation in each subspecialty.

For more information, click here: www.paao2011buenosaires.org.ar

Consulte nuestra página web: www.paao2011buenosaires.org.ar

Upcoming Aravind Eye Care Training Oportunities

LAICO is currently looking to broading international participation in their educational courses.
To do this they would like to keep you updated about the upcoming courses.

Course descriptions are synthesized below, with all other details on course fees, visas, and accommodation available on our website.

Also you can write to laicocourses@aravind.org if you have any questions.

Management Priorities in Eye Care Delivery for Heads of Eye Hospitals

January 2 – 8, 2011

If you lead a hospital you should understand the clinical background of eye care in addition to the best management practices in care delivery. This course equips you for the latter, sharing the analytical tools you will need for evidence-based decision making. After the course, you will be able to better handle clinical load swings, find opportunities for cost control, evaluate patient satisfaction as a driver for future uptake of eye care services, develop information systems for monitoring operational efficiency, link human resource management to care priorities, and design a larger network of eye care services around your hospital.

Short Term Course on Medical Records Management

February 01 – 26, 2011

This course will guide your hospital through establishment of a medical records department (MRD). It is best suited for professionals involved in day to day medical records management or those seeking to start such a department. You will learn how to develop a system to generate, record, maintain, and analyze information from medical records; apply IT to improve department efficiency; and use records and analysis for internal decision making.

Management Training for Eye Care Programme Managers

February 7 – 19, 2011

This two-week course admits programme managers at grant making nonprofits and foundations and teaches them first about the clinical and management aspects of eye care, then about how to strategically influence programme design and execution. If you oversee a portfolio of eye care programmes and want to optimize them to serve to specific populations, manage their ongoing growth, and enable them to be as resource efficient as possible, then you should attend this course. Past participants come from all major international eye care organizations.

Management Training and Systems Development for Hospital Administrators

April 14 – May 21, 2011

If you are in a position to influence the operations of an eye care hospital and seek to maximize its patient throughput in a financially sustainable, long-term way, then this six-week course will guide you through the entire process. Constantly focused on making your own eye hospital as efficient as possible, course modules cover general management skills, department-specific management skills, and how to coordinate work across multiple departments, from housekeeping to the operating theatre. More than two hundred participants have come through this program, representing 19 different countries.

To ensure that you receive our periodic course announcements please add laicocourses@aravind.org to your address book. If you would prefer to stop receiving these emails or would like to suggest a colleague begin receiving them, please detail your request to laicocourses@aravind.org.



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