Welcome to the 9GA!

18 julio 2011

Welcome to the 9GA!

The IAPB General Assembly is the premier global event for discussion of public health topics related to blindness and visual impairment. It will highlight progress in VISION 2020: The Right to Sight, the joint initiative between IAPB and WHO for the elimination of avoidable blindness.

With the theme Eye Health – Everyone’s Business, the 9th General Assembly (9GA) will attract an international audience of health professionals including ophthalmologists, optometrists, policy-makers, industry and NGOs, making it a landmark event in the 2012 health and development calendar.

The Assembly takes place on 17-20 September 2012,Hyderabad,India. IAPB’s Organising Partner for the 9GA is the L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI).

Official communication from IAPB about 9GA formally began today with the launch of the conference’s website at www.9ga.iapb.org

Information on the meeting, including scientific programme, keynote speakers, host city, venue and many other details are available online for prospective registrants and sponsors.

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20 Aniversario de Oftalmología

30 marzo 2011

Community Eye Health Journal

30 marzo 2011

Community Eye Health Journal

Download this issue
PDF (2.4Mb)
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Blindness and Deafness team Newsletter

30 marzo 2011

This electronic newsletter is a new quarterly initiative from the Programme of the Prevention of Blindness and Deafness, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, and the regional offices. Its purpose is to keep you and our other partners updated on what we are doing to reduce and eventually eliminating avoidable visual and hearing impairment.

We hope you find the newsletter interesting and informative. Please feedback any comments to the relevant members of staff. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter in the future, please contact us at WHOPBD@who.int.

Find the newsletter here: http://www.who.int/blindness/en/ (Under News)

Also as PDF

International Council of Ophthalmology

30 marzo 2011

This is our February Newsletter

You can find this month’s additions below. You will be able to access the links directly from this page. To return to them later, go to WORD’s web page.

What´s new this month:

New Additions to ‘Teaching and Learning Resources’

How to Teach: Blog on Technology for Teaching and Learning

This month it comments on “Webstreaming – The Classroom in your Living Room!”.

How to Teach: The Ophthalmology Teacher’s Library

This month we recommend ‘Academic Medicine’, the Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

What to Teach With: Medcenter Education – Ophthalmology.

Medscape Education – Ophthalmology offers hundreds of free CME/CE courses and not-for-credit activities for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, through a variety of formats that include Clinical News Briefs, Patient Simulations, Clinical Cases, Expert Commentary Videos, Conference Coverage, and more.

Taller de Gerenciamiento

30 marzo 2011

Gerenciamiento y Liderazgo en Oftalmología

Por: Fernando Yaacov Peña

La Sociedad Colombiana de Oftalmología realizó en Bogotá, el Primer Taller de Gerenciamiento y Liderazgo en Oftalmología del 17 al 20 de Marzo de 2011, el cual congregó a 35 participantes y 25 conferencistas nacionales e internacionales (Argentina, Chile, Colombia y Perú).  El Taller tiene como objetivo principal congregar a los profesionales comprometidos con la excelencia en salud ocular, para familiarizarlos con el ciclo del gerenciamiento y el desarrollo de proyectos autosostenibles en Salud Ocular Comunitaria y Atención Ocular Primaria, así como mejorar la calidad de vida de las comunidades mediante la prevención de la ceguera y el tratamiento oportuno de enfermedades oculares en un equilibrio con el recurso humano y la tecnología disponible.

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Palacio de Gobierno se convierte en Sala de Operaciones

30 marzo 2011
El Presidente de la República, Alan García, dijo hoy que es un “acto inmenso y extraordinario” haber operado a más de 100 mil peruanos contra la ceguera por catarata, y agregó que este hecho demuestra la vocación social del Gobierno y su compromiso con los más pobres.

Por tal motivo, el mandatario presidió el acto de reconocimiento a un grupo de médicos del Ministerio de Salud y de Essalud, por haber tenido una decisiva participación en el Plan Nacional de Lucha contra la Ceguera por Catarata.
Durante la ceremonia realizada en el Patio de Honor de Palacio de Gobierno, el jefe del Estado indicó que “no hay cosa más noble que devolverle la visión a los pobres”.
“Cien mil peruanos y peruanas operados es un acto inmenso, extraordinario. Eso emula y es comparable a la obra milagrosa y extraordinaria de Jesucristo que devolvía la visión, ustedes con su trabajo también devuelven la visión”, expresó.

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Prevent Blindness America’s News

30 marzo 2011

Since 1908, Prevent Blindness America has been the nation’s leading volunteer eye health and safety organization with the sole mission of preventing blindness and preserving sight.

Prevent Blindness America Holds Sixth Annual Eyes on Capitol Hill Event

The program provides vision health advocates the opportunity to meet with Congressional policymakers to discuss the importance of eye and vision services and funding.

Prevent Blindness America Issues White Paper on “UV and Our Nation’s Vision”

This new report captures discussions from the UV Congressional Briefing, and urges lawmakers to make UV eye protection a national health priority.

Prevent Blindness America Provides Chicago Public School Students with Eye Health Curriculum

Free school materials help children learn about eye anatomy and the importance of eye care.

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New Blindness Data Released

30 marzo 2011

Recently released World Health Organization (WHO) data indicate that prevalence of visual impairment has been significantly reduced to 285 million. Of these, 246 million have moderate to severe visual impairment, while an estimated 39 million are blind.

This reduction reflects the investment of governments and their international development partners in improving eye health services and strategies. Socioeconomic developments have also contributed in many countries to these welcome trends.

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30 marzo 2011

RoboBraille is a free email and web service capable of converting electronic documents into a range of high-quality, alternative formats including Braille, mp3 and Daisy full text/full audio. The service can also be used to convert otherwise inaccessible documents such as image-only PDF-files or scanned documents into more accessible formats. The service is free to all non-commercial users and users need not register in order to use the service.

During the past 12 months we have added support for a number of new languages and document formats. We have also added a new web-interface to RoboBraille that makes the service very easy to use, even for inexperienced users. Please check out the web interface at the following link: http://www.robobraille.org/SAXS/en/saxs-step1.aspx

The success of the RoboBraille service depends highly on the use and feedback from users of the service. I would therefore appreciate any comments and suggestions to the further development of the service. Please inform people in your network if you find RoboBraille useful, and let me know if you are interested in joining the RoboBraille partnership.

More information is available at the main RoboBraille website at www.robobraille.org.

Noticias regionales e internacionales – News

23 diciembre 2010


November 2010, VISION2020 Newsletter

December 2010, VISION2020 Newsletter


New Center Designated

We are pleased to inform that the Department of Neonatology, Clinical Research Unit, Insituto Fernandes Figueira (IFF), Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ), was designated as Centro Colaborador da OPAS/OMS sobre Cegueira da Infancia.

Letter of Designation OPAS

Inauguración de Centro Oftalmológico FARO

Es de nuestra gratitud poder informarles acerca de este acontecimiento ocurrido el 21 de noviembre.
Un hecho muy relevante en el ambiente oftalmológico fue la inauguración de este Centro Oftalmológico de Alta Complejidad, dependiente de La Fundación para la Atención Rural Oftalmológica (FARO).

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Noticias regionales e Internacionales

17 septiembre 2010

Regional and International news

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Noticias Internacionales

1 junio 2010

World Sight Day (WSD) 2010

World Sight Day (WSD) is an international day of awareness, held annually on the second Thursday of October to focus attention on the global issue of avoidable blindness and visual impairment. 2010 marks a mid-point in the 20-year initiative, and the theme of World Sight Day 2010 (WSD10) is Countdown to 2020

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Noticias Regionales e Internacionales

1 marzo 2010


Dengue, una entrevista al mosquito

Artículo publicado en Ultimahora.com, muy ilustrativo y fácil de entender. Buen recurso para distribuir en las salas de espera.

Eventos PAAO

Simplemente haga click en el link de arriba para acceder al calendario de eventos por país del PAAO.

Fundacion Colombia Para La Discapacidad Visual

Presentamos los dos últimos números de esta asociación.



Catarata en Latinoamérica

Como este boletín se centra especialmente en Cataratas queremos compartir con ustedes un artículo titulado: Normas para la cirugía de cataratas en América Latina.

Catarata en Latinoamérica

Próximo curso para asistentes en oftalmología Paraguay

En este mes de febrero se realizó una reunión coordinada por miembros del Comité  Nacional VISIÓN 2020 Paraguay (CONAVIP) para la organización del mismo. Pueden ver anexa la fotografía de los participantes.

Haga click para ver los nombres de las personas en la foto


Haití, la Pompeya del Caribe

Interesante perspectiva para compartir la situación vivida en Haití.

Recomendaciones por parte de la IAPB para oftalmólogos que deseen colaborar con Haití


Haiti recommendation

Carta Presidente PAAO

Haiti Status Report V2020-USA 1-28-10

Contact List Haiti Relief V2020-USA & Others 1-29-10-1


Día Mundial del Glucoma

El año pasado el Día Mundial del Glaucoma tuvo mucho éxito. Distintas personalidades importantes han tomado cartas en el asunto. Adjuntamos una serie de comunicados que nos gustaría se tomen como ejemplo para el accionar para este 12 de Marzo de 2010. Esperamos con gusto sus comentarios,


Indonesia Ministry of Health

Schumer proclamation

WGD Mayoral Proc FINAL 09

Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International

Is looking for a new Executive Director. If you are interested please read the following document.

Executive Director- Rev. 10-8-09

World Sight Day 2010

WSD 2010 will have a very special theme: the *Countdown to 2020* marks a midway point in the global initiative, which we will use to look back at many achievements so far, and the challenges which remain in the very finite time remaining!

There has been a major development in plans for the ‘focal’ event announced in V2020 newsletter last month, and to be held in Geneva, Switzerland: the big show has been pencilled in for 11th October 2010, a few days prior to WSD10 itself. We hope to make it the biggest advocacy event in the history of VISION 2020, reaching out to policy-makers at national, regional and global levels.

In the meantime, IAPB’s Board of Trustees and committee meetings will be held from 14-18 March 2010 in Cairo, Egypt. The meetings will be held with welcome support from the IAPB Eastern Mediterranean Regional team.

Día Mundial de la Visión 2010

Este año el Día Mundial de la Visión girará en torno de la “Cuenta Rgresiva hasta el año 2020”. La idea es marcar un claro punto medio en la iniciativa global, destacando todos los logros que hemos obtenido como también todos los obstáculos que debemos sortear con el poco tiempo que nos queda.

Invitamos a todos a hacer de este día mundial de la Visión el más importante desde su que se inventó. Para ello necesitaremos sus ideas y su colaboración para distribuir la información. Recuerden que pueden invitar amigos para que se suscriban con el siguiente link. Suscríbase Gratis.

25 Years of VAO Success

Founded in 1985, Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) is a UK-based international charity dedicated to transforming access to eyecare services in developing countries.

VAO is planning a spectacular fundraising Ball in the heart of the City of London to celebrate its first 25 years, during which the charity has helped to provide access to eyecare and glasses for over 1 million patients.

VAO 25th Anniversary

WOC 2010 Travel Information

Hotel Reservation and Travel Arrangements
Hotel rooms in various price categories can be booked via HRS, the worldwide hotel reservation service. Please book online by clicking here <http://www.hrs.de/web3/?client=en__woc>.
For booking the head quarter hotels Westin Grand, Adlon and Hilton
please click  here <http://www.woc2010.org/hotels-and-travel/hotel-reservation.html?L=2>

The Star Alliance Members Airlines are the Official Airline Network for WOC® 2010. Save up to 20% on travel with the star alliance network!
More… <http://www.woc2010.org/hotels-and-travel/star-alliance-official-airline-network.html>

The Deutsche Bahn AG
(German Federal Railways) offers attractive savings on travellings by train.
More… <http://www.woc2010.org/hotels-and-travel/deutsche-bahn-special-for-woc-2010.html>

WELCOME Julian Metcalfe!

We are very pleased to introduce you all to Julian Metcalfe who will take up the new post of IAPB Director of Advocacy from April 12th 2010

VISIÓN 2020: El Derecho a ver, le da la bienvenida a su nuevo Director of Advocacy. El mismo comenzará sus funciones en Abril.

Su trabajo en los últimos años:

2005-2009 – Minister and UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Geneva.

I Congreso Europeo en Discapacidad Visual.

El 22, 23 y 24 de octubre de 2010 tenemos una cita en Valladolid, tendrá lugar el I Congreso

Europeo en Discapacidad Visual, que bajo el título III Jornadas ASPREH. Rehabilitación y atención a personas con discapacidad visual, abordará la importancia de la prevención de la discapacidad visual y las posibilidades de la rehabilitación. El programa contará con varias ponencias a cargo de reconocidos conferenciantes a nivel nacional e internacional, entre otros: Dr Frank Eperjesi, Duane R. Geruschat, Aries Arditi, Krister Inde, Dr Michael Crossland, Ian Bailey, etc.

I Boletín electrónico: http://www.eventoplenos.com/eurovision/index.php?sec=1088

Para más información pueden remitirse a la página Web del congreso: http://www.eurovisionrehab.com/

Top 10 health innovations of 2009

Muy interesantes inventos, sobre todo el número 3 y 5.

ICEH Courses

The International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH) is now offering different courses. They include:

Diploma in Community Eye Health

22nd February 2010 – 21st May 2010

This is a three-month course, aimed at people who want to know more about blinding diseases and the Vision 2020 initiative. Further information and an application form can be found in the Short Study section of the LSHTM website. Prospective applicants for this course should apply as soon as possible.

Tropical Ophthalmology

*29th March 2010 – 31st March 2010*

This course is aimed primarily at Ophthalmologist and Optometrists in the developed world, who wish to gain more knowledge of eye diseases and health systems found in the tropics. Further information and an application form can be found in the Short Study section of the LSHTM website.

Planning for Vision 2020

*12th July 2010 – 16th July 2010*

This is a non-clinical course aimed at Ophthalmologists, Eye Health Programme Managers, and NGO staff working in developing countries. It aims to provide eye care professionals and planners with the principles of planning to establish eye health programmes, focussing on population clusters of around one million in developing countries. Further information and an application form can be found in the short study section of the LSHTM website.

MSc Community Eye Health

*27th September 2010 – 16th September 2011*

The MSc in Community Eye Health is designed to provide eye care professionals and planners with the knowledge and skills to reduce blindness and visual disability, in keeping with the aims, priorities and strategies of the Vision 2020 initiative.

You may be interested to know that we are now able to offer some

individual MSc modules as short courses:

*E1 – How to plan and implement a Vision 2020 Project*

*E2 – Skills, resources and technology for Vision 2020*

Further information and an application form can be found on the MSc courses section of the LSHTM website.

Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment

*12th July 2010 – 16th July 2010*

The aim of this course is to enable participants to understand the magnitude and causes of hearing impairment and the challenges of providing hearing health in developing countries. Further information can be found on the short courses section of the LSHTM website.

You can also learn more about these courses at:


VISION 2020 Newsletter

AGFUND Awards HKI 14/12/2009

Helen Keller International receives First Prize for Onchocerciasis control

Read Full Article

ACFID Releases Booklet on MDGs 14/12/2009

The Australian Council for International Development, has produced a booklet aiming to encourage a rights based approach to achieving the MDGs.

Read Full Article

Enhancing Eye Care in Africa 02/12/2009

A report by Akef El-Maghraby, MD, ICO Vice President

Read Full Article

Save the Date – Meeting on Gender and Blindness 14/12/2009

KCCO and UBC apply for meeting on Gender and Blindness

Read Full Article

ECOO Publications Now in Turkish 14/12/2009

Turkish Confederation gives its members access to European Council of Optometry and Optics publications

Read Full Article

KCCO Third Quarter Report 14/12/2009

Activities report of the Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology in Tanzania

Read Full Article

IUC Marks Braille Bicentenary Year 02/12/2009

Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted (IUC) successfully launches several events to mark the event

Read Full Article

New Threats to Blind and Partially Sighted People’s Mobility 02/12/2009

October EBU Press Release highlights importance of independence for blind and partially sighted people

Read Full Article

Glaucoma Public Health Control Strategies Workshop in Cairo 14/12/2009

A collaboration between IMPACT EMR, IAPB EMR and WHO EMRO

Read Full Article

WOC 2010 – Preliminary Programme Out Now 04/12/2009

www.woc2010.org/invitations.html World Ophthalmology Congress, Berlin, June

Read Full Article

Eye Health Alliance Parliamentary Reception in the UK 14/12/2009

MPs informed: “100 people start to lose their sight every day – half of which is avoidable”

Read Full Article

NHS Evidence – An Evidence Update on Glaucoma during 23rd – 29th Nov 2009 14/12/2009

Eyes and vision is pleased to present an Evidence Update on Glaucoma during the week 23rd – 29th November 2009

Read Full Article

Community Eye Health Journal

Ya salió el nuevo número de la Revista Salud Ocular Comunitaria en inglés. Como siempre pueden visitarlo en http://www.cehjournal.org/

Noticias Internacionales

1 septiembre 2009

En esta sección encontrarán las noticas más relevantes del mundo oftalmológico latinoamericano. No sólo noticias regionales sino también internacionales para una actualización completa.

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Noticias Internacionales

1 junio 2009

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